Call for Proposals for Division I Governance Redesign

The Division I Board of Directors seeks a more transparent, responsive, participative and streamlined governance system, and is committed to leading a process for governance redesign that:

  • Encourages open, transparent and interactive dialogue.
  • Allows for broad and open sharing of ideas and positions; ensuring that all voices are heard and are able to hear each other.
  • Engages the voice of practitioners and constituent groups with meaningful opportunities for input.
  • Is guided by shared values and vision in the identification of issues as well as outcomes.
  • Utilizes effective communication (e.g., top down, bottom up; within constituencies).
  • Seeks to build community, consensus and trust.

At its August 2013 meeting, the Board approved a plan for soliciting, evaluating and acting on the design of a redesigned governance structure for the NCAA’s Division I. Board Chair Nathan Hatch has appointed a steering committee of the Division I Board to guide this effort and this document provides guidelines for the membership on the initial input process.

At this time, the Division I Board seeks input on the following topics:

Division I Membership Structure – What Should The Overall Divisional Membership Structure Look Like?

Key Questions:

  • What is the best structure to serve the broad variety of Division I membership needs and deliver value to membership in all sub-segments?
  • Can one governance body or structure serve the broad range of Division I institutions, or are multiple governing bodies or structures needed to accommodate the programs that now comprise the division? (e.g. different rules and championships)?

Division I Governance Entities – What Governing Bodies Do We Need and What Should Each Do?

Key Questions:

  • How should the Division I Board be structured and how should it function?
  • What other structures should exist to support the Board’s work?  What kinds of sub-structures, including committees, councils, cabinets and other entities would best enable the Division I Board to carry out its function?
  • How can the work of those varying groups best be coordinated, and how can those groups be assured that their work and input are meaningful?

Consider these suggested factors in redesigning the governance entities.

Governance Redesign Proposal Principles

Proposals should be developed with these principles in mind.


  • Using the information above, membership may submit input and ideas to this special email address:
  • Members can submit input individually or as part of a group, and may address either or both subject areas (overall divisional structure and governance entities).


  • Membership input should be submitted by November 15, 2013.
  • Input will be used to frame discussions and shape the agenda of the January 2014 Governance Dialogue Meetings in San Diego, helping to identify areas of common ground, as well as key choices to be made.

Questions on this process may be directed to Jean Frankel of Ideas for Action, LLC ( and NCAA Governance Consultant, or David Berst, NCAA Vice President of Division I (